Stabilitas loci

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The monograph ‘Stabilitas loci’ on Kouwenhoven has been written by Daniëlle Lokin with much compassion, but especially with a lot of knowledge. It’s a voluminous document in which we can follow in a clear manner the development of Paula Kouwenhoven as an artist from 1973 to 2013. Including an overview of her works.

The book is available at the gallery of World Art Delft.

Paula Kouwenhoven is the last 15 years known as initiator of World Art Delft and Land Art Delft, or WAD and LAD. At WAD she has especially as director and curator focused the spotlights on artists from home and abroad.
In all those years she remained deep in her soul a visual artist herself. Her artistic life spans up to 40 years. On the occasion of these four decades World Art Delft presents in 2013 a solo exhibition of Paula Kouwenhoven. It´s no retrospective of 40 years, but we see artworks of the last two years. We see paintings built up with much layered oil-paint and collages of Japanese and Egyptian paper, brought by her many trips.
It’s typical for the work of Paula Kouwenhoven that she always keeps the relation between observation and imagination and expresses it in different techniques. Intuitive abstraction as a goal has never seized her. The square has been a reliable form throughout the years. She can develop images based on this. If in some works the square isn’t discernible, that follows from the process of origination in which the organic has covered up the square, but it’s always latently present. With this vision of reality around her, and its translation to images in her works, Kouwenhoven leaves us a personal and sensitive track in the autonomous art of our era.